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crafting autonomy 
helping people & brands design their next chapters

next chapters

We all know the feeling of restlessness when it is time for a change, a shift, for action. RS Design supports and helps design next chapters for people & brands.

Specializing in:

Custom Web Design

Blog, E-Commerce

Action Partner

Accountability Coaching

Personal Brands

Lifestyle Brands

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this chapter

Ryan is a storyteller, with years of experience in both design and marketing. As an explorer himself, Ryan loves the deep dive on brands, the process of creation, and connecting the individual brand stories with the clients who need to hear them.

Specializing in:




Building Brands

Taking Action

Witty Banter


Feeling restless in your business?

Time to make some changes. RS Design offers comprehensive Web Design and Strategy packages for your fresh start. Whether you are a new brand or business, or a well-established staple, evolution is the name of the game. 

action partner

The first step in any chapter is a plan, followed by strategic action

Let's connect and start designing your next chapter through our Action Partner Program. A customized action plan is created collaboratively and then our Action Partner's ensure accountability through startegic check-in's and follow ups.. 

Design & Strategy Academy

Crafting autonomy

A well designed plan balances the value of being yourself and proper strategy. Starting all of our projects and connections from a place of autonomy allows us to help clients make decisions based on their values, help them be seen for their unique point of view, discover more about themselves, and connect with an audience through brand storytelling.



RS Design works with people & brands who are passionate about their next chapters.

Clients we have worked with -




Food Trucks


Toy Stores


Real Estate Developers

Ryan Sheehan Design and Strategy_edited.jpg

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