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3 Prompts to Tell your Story

When I work with clients, the main push back I get is - I don't even know my story, and if I did, why would anyone care?

In this cluttered digital age (and here I am cluttering it a little bit more!), we are so focused on solving our customers or potential customers problems - as we should!

I always tell clients - you are either going to connect with an audience because you are the best, the cheapest or the best at telling your story. Often times, we are not the cheapest (one point for Walmart) or the best (Apple? I don't actually know and that's a testament to their marketing!).


We can tell customers about our products, answer their questions, share beautiful aesthetics, but these all need to be connected through story.

Our story is woven into our content, little pieces of story shared every day, on our About Me section of our websites or even the photo we use in our email signatures.

Here are three prompts to use today (separately or together!) to start telling your story -

  1. Who were you before you found your product/service/passion/industry?

  2. What does your product/service/passion/industry do for you?

  3. How are you different now, after your product/service/passion/industry?

Here is how I would answer based on my business, Ryan Sheehan Design & Strategy (welcome!)

I grew up in a family of exceptional storytellers. I was the youngest cousin on one side, and second youngest on the other - so I knew if I had something to say it better be funny, fascinating or on the verge of death. I spent most of my life an introvert, expressed myself through my love of Gymnastics. About 10 years ago, I started my blog to start telling my stories of Gymnastics and Travel to spare myself the amount of times I would have to recount them when I got home. I fell in love with this connection and vulnerability in a medium I finally felt comfortable with. After a couple of tough years emotionally, I launched Ryan Sheehan Design & Strategy at the insistence of my cousin. I loved the concept of design, and didn't realize the impact of stories I could tell through this medium. Things grew and I started offering Social Strategy as well, and then launched an Action Partner Program. Through my couple of dark years, I learned the value of my story, my voice and taking strategic action. Together, RSDS offers design, strategy and action for people who feel they are underbeing in their brands but have important stories to tell. Beyond my advocacy work now, I love helping others step into action and tell their stories - sharing the value I have learned in my own.

So, what is your story?



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