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Three Must Haves for a Personal Brand Website

Let's quick to the quick and dirty. You want to build your Personal Brand. You (likely) need a website - your own landing page and place to own. What are the essentials of your PB website?

  1. A Call to Action

What is that? It is the action you want your client or potential client to take. The classic tip is that it needs to be "above the fold", meaning a client needs to see it clearly without having to scroll. Typically we see this is as a button.

Examples of Call to Actions:

- Book a Call!

- View Products

- Browse Services

So, I ask, what do you want your clients to do when they arrive on your website? Are you promoting a service? Are you selling merch? Are you wanting them to read your blog? Call your clients to action.

2. A (simple) Method of Contact

How would you like clients or potential clients to be able to get ahold of you?

Typical contact methods are a contact form, your e-mail in the header or footer, or a clear way to contact through a Social Media account. There is no right or wrong method, unless it's complicated. Similar to the Call to Action, it needs to be simple to find and simple to use.

3. Who are you? What do you offer?

A typical way of telling people who you are or what you offer is an about section. There is no right answer as to what that looks like, but it is essential. People are buying or investing in you - whether that is money, time, or other. This is where the art of storytelling plays a part - you are connecting with your audience or clients through your story. They are buying or investing in you, your story. Get them on the hook!

If you are looking for more strategy or Personal Brand advice, we would love to chat!



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